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An important choice, a difficult choice…!

After many years’ searching, we finally found what we were looking for.  We knew it would have changed our life, but we could not resist it.  

We are  Paolo and Mirella, an almost 50 years old couple who, together with our children Andrea and Luca run this newly opened agritourism.

“Le Querciole” is an estate covering 19 hectares  in the middle of an intact and beautiful nature, with semiwild horse breeding, woods and pastures left untouched for years.
Two farmhouses from  the seventeenth century stand in the silence of Val Vona ( Vona Valley), an extremely wild valley, unknown to most people and therefore still untouched.


We wanted everything to be kept as much as possible as it used to be… we wanted our guests to experience flavours, feelings, smells from a forgotten past .
A clean, rural landscape…

All this is “Le Querciole”… we can’t say if it’s good or not, but for us this is life…

Our horses Gigia, Vipera, Marmotta, Gioia, Holger (our stallion) and little Wendy are all Bardigiano horses, an endangered breed.

These horses are extremely docile and manageable, perfect to discover the area on the many trails of the territtory and perhaps even to stop and pick the delicious and renowned porcini mushrooms.

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Il tutto fare

Le Querciole ci hanno fatto innamorare e la più grande gioia per noi è poter vivere questo progetto insieme alle persone che vengono a scoprire questo piccolo paradiso.