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The Territory in which it is located our Agritourism has some unique features  not easily found in other parts of Italy.
We are in one of the vertices of a triangle that crosses Emilia Romagna,
Tuscany and Liguria.


We will present our territory in an unusual way that is to say integrating it into a region Alerts New, full of opportunities


(Suggested destinations can be reached in about 30-40 minutes)

Within this range you can reach virtually every corner of the Valtaro and Valceno.

We recommend some traditional routes such as visits to the castles of which we feel indicate COMPIANOBARDIBELFORTEVARANOTABIANO.

We also propose the possibility to fully enjoy the features of the area that offers various activities such as a visit to the Natural Park of the WWF Oasis of Ghirardi , a day along the beautiful banks of the River Taro , where you can spend relaxing days at ‘ teaches the best price (zero) quality (high), of particular interest are the areas of the “Dam (Diga) ” and ” Groppo”.

Also in the context of the discovery of the territory you can live independently activities such Mountanbike (, research Porcini Mushroom IGP Borgotaro ( also within our property, we have a private reserve of 200,000 square meters. It is fully fenced ideal for those who want to spend in total serenity, a quiet walk in our woods, or simply enjoy the walks on foot or on horseback, in the woods of the valley and in the many bike paths.

We report the website dedicated to the Road of Porcini Mushrooms

In case you want to perform these activities supported by Guides Authorize you will find all the specifications in its Web Site (


(Destinations within an hour or so)

Our company is integrated perfectly in the paths of the Roads of Flavours, this means that those who decide to transit through our valleys will have the opportunity to touch the palate with the culinary excellence that characterize us as always: Parmigiano ReggianoParma HamSalami Culatello.

There are basically two main streets: The Road of Ham (proposals related to the hilly area of Parma – – The Road of Culatello (proposals related to the hills leading down to Piacenza –

Also in Parma we announce the Verdi’s land( and the Park of the 100 Lakes( with its immense

For lovers of Old Villages remind the stone pearl “Corchia.”


(Destinations within an hour or so)

The routes described can always be integrated with a path leading towards the Ligurian Sea to the discovery of the 5 Terre or destinations worldwide as Portovenere and Portofino.

Reach the 5 Terre from our location is also possible thanks to the train from the station Borgotaro, and in about an hour you will start to visit: Monterosso al MareVernazzaCornigliaManarolaRiomaggiore.

As anticipated, another stop not to be missed are the two most famous Ports of Liguria: Portovenere and Portofino, we do not add anything except that in this case you could combine a holiday in Montana Zone as our betting Maritime of your preference but always Top of the proposals to do.


(Destinations within an hour or so)

If you orient the compass to the South, Tuscany (Versilia), therefore, we propose a first step in Marina di Massa to continue with the famous Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, in this case the travel times do not differ from distances of about an hour.

The farmhouse "Le Querciole" may represent a starting point, a stage or a worthy arrival for your holiday